Why do I need a storage system?

A properly designed storage system can save your business a great deal of money in many ways including:

  • More efficient use of the storage space available

  • Better utilisation of stock

  • Reduced stock damage and losses

  • More efficient order picking

Why should I chose Maxstor?

Maxstor’s experience in the design of storage solutions combined with a range of products from several suppliers enables us to provide you with the most suitable storage system for your needs.

I am not sure exactly what the best storage solution is. Can you advise us?

Maxstor prides itself on its knowledge of the storage systems market gained over many years providing businesses with storage solutions that suit their individual needs. We can therefore suggest some suitable alternatives and tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

Does Maxstor offer both new and used storage systems?

Maxstor has both new and used storage equipment available. All of our used storage equipment has been carefully checked to ensure that it performs to specification.

What about assembly of our storage equipment?

Maxstor can assemble your storage equipment in accordance with the manufacturers directions and full compliance to the relevant Australian Standard. We can also dismantle and re-assemble your existing storage equipment if you are planning to re-locate premises.

What if our business already has some storage equipment and we wish to add to it?

Maxstor supplies a range of storage equipment from several manufacturers so we can add to what you already have.

We have storage equipment surplus to our needs - do you purchase used storage equipment?

Yes, Maxstor is always interested in purchasing used storage equipment in good condition.

Does Maxstor have a Safety System?

Safety in the workplace is a priority in all of our operations. To achieve this we have a well established Safety Policy and comprehensive procedures for the installation of pallet racking, shelving and other storage equipment designed to ensure that both our employees and those of our Customers are safe, whilst using our products and services.